How to Answer ‘Why should we hire a fresher like you?’ | HR Interview Questions and Answers

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How to Answer ‘Why should we hire a fresher like you?’

How to Answer 'Why should we hire a fresher like you?' | HR Interview Questions and Answers

How to Answer ‘Why should we hire a fresher like you?’ | HR Interview Questions and Answers

You’re multi-lingual, multi-talented, a multi-tasker, a stringent believer in “fall down seven, stand up eight” and an out-of-the-box thinker and oh so ready to head out into the world.

Despite all that, why are you still caught unaware when you’re asked the question – “Why should we hire a fresher like you?”

As a fresher, you can’t commit to any expertise in any specific domain when asked “Why should I hire you?”

1. Embody the company’s spirit and vision

Get an idea of who the company is and how to embody a similar attitude when asked about why you would be the best hire in spite of your being a fresher. Your answer should reflect that you understand the work culture of the company and that you will fit in with the team and make the hiring manager’s life easier from day one.

2. Talk about Your ‘USP’

You might not have considered it, but the real question always is – why should we hire you over others? There surely needs to be an answer the makes you stand apart from the competition outside for their turn. Share what you offer and the competition doesn’t. It might be an internship experience, specific projects you worked on or the market knowledge that is unique to you. Apart from that, state your other positive attributes that might include – hardworking, receptive to new environments, quick learner, team player.

3. Talk about your Track Record

Get specific and put some conviction in your answer. Your academic graphs is one of the important indicators. Then, continue with a few examples about your experience with team work, any challenges you faced, project works, other training you did outside regular schooling that complement the position you are competing for. If you have had some internships and industry exposure, talk about it! If you have been leading teams for technical and cultural activities during your college days, include that too. Evidence is the key – Always give a good recent example.

4. Be flexible

In your answer, try to portray that you can suit the company’s environment. Keep your options open, like working hours, location, task profiles etc. Assert that you are looking for an able platform to kick start your career rather than looking for comforts.

Your answer should reflect that you know what the position requires and that you have the required know-how and passion to work in that position. Plus, you can prove that you’re the right person to do the work based on past achievements.

Finally – Refrain from overestimating your value. Forging yourself as Superman applying for the position and ready to save the world is simply not going to work! Hello, my name is Clark Kent, and I’m here to do the heavy lifting? Nope, not really working..