How To Prepare IBPS Clerk Exam Along With Your Current Job?


Nothing is impossible if you are determined. And the same thing goes when it comes to exam preparation. Most of you might be working and preparing for IBPS Clerk too. Banking exam preparation might seem easy for the students. But if you are working then you need to follow some amazing tips to learn how you can do exam preparation managing your time wonderfully. 

Today, we are going to guide you in this context. If you think that it might not be possible then you are wrong. Many students have cleared this exam grabbing good marks. Let us check out how you can manage your job and exam preparation both at the same time. Moreover, you can also achieve a good score – 

Understand Your Syllabus – 

The very first thing to do is accumulating the needed information about your bank exam syllabus. It will be helpful if you go through IBPS Clerk Exam Analysis to understand which topics are tricky and which ones can be considered easy ones. You need to know how much it requires covering. 

It helps you to know how much time will be consumed and how you need to manage. However, the syllabus is the same as most bank exams. Still, you should notice the concept/topic to get the needed clarity. You should make a list of the syllabus on a paper and stick it on your study wall so that you keep noticing it most frequently. 

Divide Your Syllabus into Two Categories – 

The next thing you need to do is categorizing the syllabus into two categories. When you are aware of the fact that which topic needs more attention and which topic needs you can prepare quickly, it becomes easy to prepare. Detailed knowledge of the syllabus helps you to go with ideal preparation. This trick helps you to cover the syllabus fast and quickly. Spend more time practicing weak areas. 

Prepare A Timetable – 

Now, it comes to prepare a timetable where your study or job will have an ideal time. Make sure that you create a timetable, which seems unauthentic later on. Try to make a real one. Since you are working, you need to keep this factor in your mind while preparing your timetable. For working people, it could be a bit difficult to study regularly. You could be late while returning from office to home or could feel tired. 

Therefore, you should prepare your timetable accordingly the way you go comfortable with it. It would be ideal if you could even spare 2-3 hours on a daily basis. On weekends, you should double these hours 5-6 hours. You should cover your weekday hours study over a weekend if you miss it somehow. Once your timetable is ready then you need to adhere to it.

Use Your Travelling Time Preparing English/GK –

The English language section is the easiest one to prepare. While traveling to the office and returning home, you may use that time to read a newspaper/magazine/English book, etc., as per your choice. Reading habits can help you to grab more marks. 

Apart from it, the same you can do with the General Awareness Section too. This one also can be prepared while traveling. The more you read, the more you get aware of it. If it is not convenient to carry study material in physical form then go with offline material. Using traveling time in preparing these two subjects can truly make you stress-free.  Moreover, your confidence will also get increased. 

Emphasize On Your Basics – 

Do not get upset if you are not good at numerical ability, English grammar, reasoning ability, etc. These topics just need to get their basics cleared. Once you understand the basics, things will go easier for you. To make it easy for yourself, you may prepare a list of formulas, theories, rules, steps, etc. 

Moreover, keep revising them for at least one hour daily. When you keep learning them regularly, they will inculcate in your mind. You may do the same for any other subject that you find tricky. This tip is also quite helpful to learn about computer knowledge.

Solve Enough Questions – 

Once your preparation is done for any subject, then jump on exercises. The more you solve questions, the more you get good at it. You should follow this tip every time you accomplish a topic or subject. It will be helpful to make you know how well you have prepared the topic. You do this weekly or on weekdays as per your convenience. 

Use Your Weekend To Do Your Preparation –

Do not take much stress if you did not get enough time on weekdays because of your office. But do not put your study on hole over the weekend. Your weekend must be dedicated to doing preparation completely. Try to cover the trick topic on your weekends since you have time to do that. Then you may keep revising it on your weekdays. 

In The Last – 

This is how you can prepare for the banking exam along with your job. This is not tough at all. Many working students have also passed the exam. So, put your procrastination on hold and get indulged with your study putting the best efforts.