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Proofreading an Essay: An Ultimate Guide


Essay writing is a complex process that is considered to be real art. To write a thorough essay you should take a lot of points into account. Grammar, spelling, content, style, structure, and so on, all of these are about writing essays. However, there is a task that most people do not pay attention to thinking that it is not crucial while performing writing assignments. It is proofreading.

If you do not proofread your essay, chances to get a good mark for your paper will be much smaller. But, one more problem occurs in terms of that. Not every average student can find the mistakes in his essay and, what is important, edit them. That’s why many people apply to a professional essay writing service like Do My Essay. There, experts can help you with picking out all your loopholes in the paper and even replace the improperly written sentences with the most appropriate words. So, if you do not want the lack of skills of proofreading to be the reason for poor grades, expert help is crucial.

The Complexity of Proofreading: Why Is It Better to Apply to a Professional

If you are not good at writing essays and consider it something extremely complex and incomprehensible, you always can apply for professional help and get a high-quality paper just in a few clicks. However, someone prefers to do everything on his own, especially if it refers to doing various homework assignments when grades directly depend on the quality of performed tasks.

Of course, it is a good trait to be self-reliant in all cases. Nevertheless, what about proofreading? Can you be sure that your background is sufficient to consider yourself a good proofreader and editor? Is it reasonable to ask someone more skilled and experienced in that field to help or not?

Proofreading implies a lot of points.

  • First of all, you should have enough knowledge of the subject to reread the text of the paper and understand what was omitted or what is necessary to add to make the content more thorough and informative.
  • Secondly, you should be experienced in proofreading to be fluent in finding mistakes and prevent them from rewriting particular parts of the text.
  • Thirdly, you should practice a lot to become an expert in proofreading and editing.

All in all, you should be quite attentive and experienced to proofread your essay properly. So, if you are not confident in your skills and knowledge, it is always a good idea to seek a piece of advice on a custom essay writing service!

The Best Tips on How to Proofread an Essay on Your Own

If you decide to proofread the essay on your own, you should not miss paying attention to some important points of the ultimate guide.

  • Forget about your essay for a few hours to refresh your eyes.
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It is quite an effective tip. Because everyone knows that essay writing is a very time-consuming and often stressful process that requires taking a rest sometimes. Having written a draft of a paper, put it aside and change the type of activity (you may go for a walk, meet with your friends, or just watch a film). A few hours later reread the text trying to proofread. It will help you to notice even the smallest mistakes (including spelling and grammar mistakes, and typos) that you have failed to pay attention to while writing.

  • Divide the process of proofreading into categories.

Even the best expert working on a top essay writing service can not notice all the loopholes by reading an essay only once. Proofreading is a complex process that implies paying attention to different types of possible mistakes. They include the structural correctness of the text, spelling, grammar, lexical and punctuation choices, coherence of the sentences in the essay, and, of course, informativeness of the content (whether it is thorough enough). It is reasonable to check each of its aspects separately to increase the quality level of proofreading.

  • Read an essay aloud.

It is believed that a person perceives information better when he or she hears it rather than views it. You may ask someone to read your essay aloud for you. It will be even more effective than if you do that on your own.

  • Use apps.

Some apps proofread your essay and detect all the grammar and spelling mistakes. It works online, so this process is very fast and convenient because you should no longer reread your paper many times.

  • Read your essay backwards.

Some students fail to notice mistakes in their papers because they pay more attention to the sentences, not to the words. If you read the text of your essay backward, it will help you to focus on every punctuation mark and every letter. Subsequently, it will increase your chances to proofread the paper properly.

  • Compose the list of your common mistakes.

Every person has his regular slip-ups while writing essays. It is caused by writing habits, first of all. If you arrange all of them in one list, it will be easier for you to detect and correct them.

All in all, proofreading is a complex of measures you should take to increase the informativeness and correctness of your essay. The ultimate goal of proofreading is to make your paper thorough and concise. So, if you want to get good grades for your papers, high-quality proofreading is crucial!

If you are not confident enough in your proofreading skills, do not worry. Apply to the professionals from custom essay writing services and forget about problems with proofreading forever!

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